Jesse Dvorchak, Ph.D.

Jesse E. Dvorchak, Ph.D., is an Associate at edCount, LLC, where she assists project directors in designing Louisiana’s statewide alternate assessment in ELA, math, and science. Dr. Dvorchak helps the Louisiana project team through her knowledge of Common Core math standards, extensive expertise in creating inclusive classrooms, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative research data.

Dr. Dvorchak has worked in the education field for over 10 years with experience in test development, test research, and teaching targeted towards inclusion and strategies for effective instruction and behavioral management for students with disabilities. Prior to joining edCount, Dr. Dvorchak designed and instructed two courses pertaining to the special education licensure requirements in Pennsylvania and received funding for her research on increasing secondary teachers’ use of praise in inclusive classrooms. From 2015-2018, Dr. Dvorchak worked on the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA), first as a Data Manager, performing validity projects with teachers throughout the state, and later as a Lead Test Developer and Project Coordinator, in charge of designing the ELA, math, and writing alternate assessments for the state of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dvorchak has published and presented her research at national conferences on topics such as: students with cognitive disabilities mastering Common Core standards, behavior management in inclusive classrooms, and improving teacher-initiated interactions. Dr. Dvorchak received her PhD in Special Education from the University of Pittsburgh, her MS in Educational Psychology from George Mason University, and a BA in Developmental Psychology from Smith College. Dr. Dvorchak joined edCount in November 2018.