Grace Karani-Luguya, LL.B.

Grace Karani-Luguya, L.L.B., is a Research Assistant at edCount, LLC. Ms. Karani-Luguya provides support to associates and senior staff in the execution of project tasks, research activities, report production, and proposal development. She currently supports alternate assessment development projects in Louisiana and Tennessee and has contributed to copyright law licenses work for the Nebraska Department of Education and NWEA.

Prior to joining edCount, Ms. Karani-Luguya had nine years of professional experience, serving in roles at several local and international organizations in Nairobi, Kenya. She has worked as a Resettlement Expert at Church World Service, a Project Assistant at the United Nations Environmental Program, and a Business Executive at Mukite Musange & Company Advocates. Most recently, she successfully built and managed a retail business called Azaria Accessories. Throughout her career, Ms. Karani-Luguya has provided leadership and management for project teams, monitored project timelines and deliverables, and produced weekly, monthly, and quarterly project reports. In addition, as a Law Lecturer at the University of London-Eternity College, she prepared and delivered lectures, developed and evaluated course materials, and provided support to students. Ms. Karani-Luguya has an LL.B Degree from the University of London, an Associate Degree in Law from INTI International University in Malaysia, a Diploma of Commerce from Polytechnic West in Perth, Australia, and a Business Administration Advance Diploma from the Association of Business Executives in London.