Beth Smucker, B.S.W.

Beth Smucker, B.S.W., is our Director of Administration at edCount, LLC. Ms. Smucker is responsible for providing operational leadership and day-to-day support for the business. Her responsibilities include implementing and managing technology and infrastructure, overseeing timekeeping and payroll systems, and handling Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Ms. Smucker has over 20 years of experience providing management services to various businesses.

Prior to joining edCount, Ms. Smucker served as an Administrative Manager for Nareka, LLC, where she provided professional media consulting services to corporate and small business clients. Her responsibilities included creating comprehensive media campaigns, creating online training for resale, and establishing office systems such as bookkeeping, e-commerce, telephony, and IT. Ms. Smucker has also served as an independent contractor for various small businesses, assisting in business relocation, managing transitions from double-entry bookkeeping systems to computerized bookkeeping systems, establishing office systems, and writing business development plans. Ms. Smucker earned her B.S.W. in Social Work from George Mason University.